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VW's imperialist enterprise in the media sphere

Dieselgate : and the winner is...

This November, Volkswagen's offensive in the electrical vehicle resulted in an impressive series of announcements and statements by the group's top executives, who seem to want to convince everyone that the inevitable move towards battery-powered electric vehicles is underway and that Volkswagen is the most ready of all manufacturers to lead this change.
There is undoubtedly a "Coué method" dimension here that leads managers, afraid of the risks they take, to want to convince themselves, their teams and customers that the battery-powered EV is the right choice.
Above all, there is obviously a very political will to impose a global standard and to create competitive rules of the game for the automotive industry, which will be all the easier for Volkswagen to respect as they will have been largely designed around its convictions and proposals.
One of the signs of this political work was given when Angela Merkel, at the beginning of the month, honoured the invitation of the group's leaders to attend the launch of the ID3 assemby plant at the Zwickau plant in eastern Saxony.
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Quelle place pour la filière hydrogène en France et dans le monde ?

Superchargeur, le vrai
Après les annonces japonaises début mars (1), notre attention est attirée sur la filière hydrogène en France par la publication la semaine dernière du bilan que tire de leur expérience en Auvergne-Rhône Alpes, les membres du consortium HyWay (2). Coordonné par le pôle de compétitivité Tenerrdis (3), le projet HyWay est soutenu et cofinancé par l'Ademe, le Conseil Régional d'Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes et l'Europe via le fonds Feder. Il s’adosse à une série de partenaires comme Air Liquide, le CEA, CNR, Engie Cofely et Engie GNVERT, GEG, McPhy et Symbio qui ont financé 63% des 3,6 millions d’euros qu’a coûté ces 36 premiers mois du projet qui rentre en 2018 dans sa phase 2.
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